A Little DIY: Rockstar Bangles

The bracelets I was rocking in yesterday's post were a pretty simple DIY. Instructions after the jump!DIY Bangle Upgrade To give ordinary bangles a little more oomph, all it takes is the help of an old friend. 

It’s that’s shiny lacing you used to braid into lanyards in middle school! All you need is this, a pair of scissors and a little bit of patience.

All you do is weave the lacing over and under the bangles like so. It’ll all feel a bit loose and wonky at first, but as you make your way around, it’ll tighten up and come together.

You may need to pause every now and then to scooch the loops closer to each other – the closer they are, the more solid the whole thing will be in the end.

When you’ve gone all the way around with the lacing, you just need to make a few sets of knots (I used surgeon’s knots) on the inside.

And you’re done!

You’ve got a stylish update to your old bangles that cost just pennies! The other bonus is that I never wore these bangles because they were too big for my puny wrists, but the lacing and the knots on the inside make the bracelet just a bit more snug. They also play quite nicely with other bracelets:

iPhone 137iPhone 018

You could make endless combinations with different bangle finishes and lacing colors – happy DIYing!