A little DIY: Art for the Kitchen

I know chevron has totally jumped the shark, but I still think it's adorable in small doses and especially in a happy hue. So I wanted to share this easy and cheap project that I did for the kitchen, but really you could do for a nursery or office or laundry nook or whatever. chevron art

And since you can get acrylic paint for $1 and canvases for about $5, it doesn't even matter if you end up hating chevron in a few months. Just paint over the canvas for something entirely new!

See how I did it after the jump!

The only slightly painful part of this process was the measuring, marking, taping, cutting and even some *shudder* math:

Thankfully, you don’t have to get it exactly right – for some reason, the geometric pattern is a bit forgiving even if you don’t line everything up perfectly.

Once the stripes were dry, I just free-handed some letters and (slightly wonky) utensils over the top using metallic gray acrylic paint.

Isn't it happy? A couple of hours and about $15 - not bad, says I.