A little DIY: Knitting Needle Holder

DIY Knitting Needle Holder via FuzzyCloudDesigns Blog Does anyone else see empty containers the way I do? Not as trash but as potential. I guess that's the allure of alchemy - making something useful and beautiful out of nothing. This gets me into trouble with my roommate because I'm constantly hoarding sturdy boxes and well-made containers, but eventually I find a use for (most of) them.

Take this empty Trader Joe's coffee canister, for example.ETSY Knits 067

I knew it would be good for something and later that day, when I was rooting around in my mess of a knitting bag for the fourth in a set of DPNs, it hit me. This coffee canister would be the perfect height to stash all my knitting needles. But when I threw them in there, they just tilted all over the place and my Size 15 giants just about knocked the whole thing over.

The answer to this dilemma?025Rice! Filling the container about half full of uncooked rice weighs it down just enough and keeps the knitting needles secure and upright. Sets of needles stay together so they're easy to see and easy to grab.

To make it pretty, I just knit up a quick cozy using some navy and teal yarn and "embroidered" a heart shape on the front with some of the teal accent yarn. 015

The cozy knit up super quickly (30 stitches knit circular in stockinette using bulky weight yarn and US Size 10 needles). The hardest part was getting the heart shape just right but after fiddling with it for half an hour, I decided it didn't have to be perfect. I think it looks charmingly imperfect and handmade - a fitting vessel for the instruments of my craft =)