#100HappyDays - Week One

Have you heard of the 100 Happy Days challenge? It doesn't ask you to be happy all day every day for 100 days - that would be a real set up for failure. What it does ask you to do is make note, each day, of one thing that makes you happy. It sounds stupid and obvious until you read all the studies showing that it's not just good things that make you happy, it's noticing those positive things as much as you can. Gratitude for your life, whatever that life may be, makes you feel happier. So I'm trying it and sharing my results here, one week at a time.

<<April 1, Tuesday - Spotting these gorgeous deep red leaves during an afternoon stroll.>>photo (12)

<<April 2, Wednesday - Good bread and a soft boiled egg make leftovers shiny and new.>>0 004

<<April 3, Thursday - Wally gets a toy stuck around his neck. Hilarity ensues.>>photo (11)a

<<April 4, Friday - Watching The Muppets movie for the first time - charming and funny.>>


<<April 5, Saturday - Discovering that easter egg hunts are still fun at 32.>>100DaysofHappy 003

<<April 6, Sunday - A hearty, delicious brunch alfresco.>>photo (10)

<<April 7, Monday - Catching up with a friend I haven't seen in over a year. And finding this very relevant-to-my-life-at-the-moment book.>>photo (13)

What happy things will next week bring?