Mini Meditation: Just Lunch

I know meditating is good for me. I know it in my gut. And there are countless studies that show it does your brain good on a chemical, science-y level (one great article here). Unfortunately, all those studies also show that you have to practice meditation for it to do you all this good and I just never end up finding time in my day to do it. And that sounds ridiculous to me even as I type it. I can't find TEN MINUTES? Everything I do is so enormously important that I can't spare even a moment? No, let's just call that what it is - a flimsy excuse. The reality is that it takes 21 to 30 days for something to become a habit and we humans love instant gratification, not something that builds little by little.

So here's something I've been trying for the past few days. When I eat lunch, I eat lunch AND NOTHING ELSE. No TV, no internet browsing, no magazine reading. I just stare at my food and eat and think. And I really notice my food and how good it tastes. Ideas and connections pop into my head. I feel full faster. A lot of the time the same inane thoughts go spinning around and I sometimes feel flashes of impatience. But it's also the only moment of the day that I'm not multitasking - multiple browser windows, knitting while watching TV, cooking to music, eating dinner and chatting with my roommate. It's just me. And I'm starting to look forward to it. Here's hoping it sticks.

Just my lunch (and me standing over it with a camera...)