#100HappyDays - Week Two

Time for week two of my 100 Happy Days challenge (read about the challenge and week one here). I have to admit, there were a couple days when I felt sluggish and uninspired, but writing down my happy thing was a positive way to end even those harder days. Which I guess is the point, so... onward! =)

<<April 8, Tuesday - Dance Dance Revolution! So much fun and such a workout!>>photo (12)

 <<April 9, Wednesday - Daffodils tell me spring is really here>>iPhone 169

<< April 10, Thursday - Tennis outside on a beautiful day>>iPhone 177

<< April 11, Friday - Discovering this amazing, real-life house in Beverly Hills>>iPhone 001

<<April 12, Saturday - The cutest jar of strawberry jam for a crusty French baguette>>iPhone 003

<< April 13, Sunday - A blue sky and a neighbor's beautiful roses>> iPhone 234

<< April 14, Monday - A veritable Vietnamese feast prepared by my roommate's mom>>iPhone 004