A little DIY: Gold-Rim Bowl

Gold Rim Bowl 010a Today, a quick and easy way to make your own elegant gold-rimmed bowls, for less than the price of a venti no-whip, skim caramel macchiato! See how after the jump.

I got a couple of these little glazed bowls at CB2 for only $3 each. They were a little plain on their own, so of course, I had to put a little DIY trim on ‘em.


I just picked up some $2 acrylic gold paint and a small brush and free-handed a wavy line around the inside rim.  The first coat looked terrible because I was painting straight onto a glazed surface, but after four coats total it got the nice opaque look I was going for.

Gold Rim Bowl 058

It’s definitely not perfect, but for $5 it does a stand-up job holding bracelets, earrings and other small bits and bobs.

Gold Rim Bowl 056

Gold Rim Bowl 089

Obviously, if I could have the real deal bowl below, I'd trade in a heartbeat. But at $50 each, I'd have the bowls and nothing to put in 'em. So my DIY version filled with things I love makes me pretty happy.

iPhone 127

You could do this with silver, bronze or even rose gold paint to make a bowl that suits your tastes. Happy DIYing!PicMonkey Collage2 - gold rim bowl