Yum: Oreo Mini Icebox Cakes

icebox cakes PicMonkey Collage2One day my friend told me about icebox cakes and then I couldn't get them out of my head until I tried them. Icebox cakes are one of those classic American treats that I never knew existed because to my Korean parents, dessert is cut up fruit. Fortunately, they're dead easy to make so I was able to go home immediately to try it. See a step by step how-to after the jump!

Oreo Mini-Icebox Cakes

Ingredients and Supplies:

One package chocolate sandwich cookies

3 cups heavy whipping cream

3 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp vanilla extract

Foil cupcake liners (paper liners can soak up the cream and get soggy)

~Step 1 - Place whole oreos in the bottom of cupcake liners. Separate the rest of the oreos into halves (I removed the cream center but you can keep it if you like).~Blog - Icebox Cake 002

~Step 2 - Whip cold heavy cream with the sugar and vanilla extract until soft peaks form (leaving whipped cream a little loose will make assembly easier)~Blog - Icebox Cake 022

~Step 3 - Drop about 1 tbsp whipped cream onto whole oreos, then top with a half oreo~Blog - Icebox Cake 032

~Step 4 - Repeat two more times or until the stacks are as tall as the cupcake liners~Blog - Icebox Cake 040

~Step 5 - Finish with a dollop of whipped cream and crushed oreos~ Blog - Icebox Cake 062

~Step 6 - Chill in the fridge for at least 6 hours so the cookies soften (be patient!)~Blog - Icebox Cake 068

~Step 7 - FINALLY...DIG IN!~Blog - Crepe Cake 012

I also made a few raspberry-flavored icebox cakes by mixing a dollop of raspberry jam into a separate smaller bowl of whipped cream. The jam makes the whipped cream a little lumpy so they don't look quite as polished as the plain ones, but they taste divine!Blog - Icebox Cake 065

I just assembled these lil' guys in a deep baking pan, covered with saran wrap and they traveled easier-than-pie to a party. Where they were a big hit, of course =)

Blog - Icebox Cake 066

They're easy, cheap, portable, adorable and delicious - give 'em a try!