Lunch for One (Starring Leftovers!)

These days, I usually eat lunch by myself at home. Which sounds sad at first, but is actually blessedly peaceful compared to how I used to eat lunch - hunched at my desk, shoveling food into my mouth from a container pinned between my arms and my keyboard as I furiously typed emails and reviewed contracts. And that lunch was often an overpriced salad or soggy leftovers from the dinner I had delivered to the office the night before. Not that it really mattered because when I ate that way, I never really appreciated or truly savored my food. So these days, I look forward to my lunch for one, usually made from leftovers and random ingredients from my various cooking forays that week. I enjoy cobbling those bits and bobs together with things from my pantry to transform leftovers into brand new dishes. See some recent lunch creations after the jump!

~~Pasta with tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese~~

Leftovers: cooked linguine

Fresh Ingredients On Hand: tomatoes and basil

Pantry Staples: garlic, olive oil, grated parmesan cheese008


~~Soba noodle bowl with kale, chicken and egg~~ 

Leftovers: teriyaki chicken with onions

Fresh Ingredients On Hand: kale (see my recipe for two-minute kale here)

Pantry Staples: soba noodles, egg, soy sauce, sesame oil, ground gingerBlog - Kale Three Ways 046


~~Turkey burger sandwich with broccoli~~

Leftovers: turkey burger patties

Fresh Ingredients On Hand: broccoli, lettuce, tomato

Pantry Staples: whole wheat bread, mayonnaise, dijon mustard 001 (3)


~~Chicken salad tartine with soft boiled egg~~ 

Leftovers: chicken salad

Fresh Ingredients On Hand: a loaf of really good multigrain bread

Pantry Staples: egg0 005