A little DIY: Upcycled Boxes Rescue My Bathroom

I had a problem on my hands:bathroomPicMonkey CollageSomewhere between turning thirty and pesky adult acne creeping back into my life (WHY???), my beauty products have steadily multiplied and sprawled into a disorganized chaos over the surfaces in and around my bathroom. I live in a pretty small space, so I don't have extra drawers in which to tuck these things away. And, like I've mentioned before, I'm a lazy practical girl so I want the things I use daily to be within easy reach.

See my chic solution, made mostly out of trash, after the jump! 


Hooray for hoarding saving used containers! An old coconut water box (the BEST-tasting brand, by the way), an empty cocoa tin and some pretty paper were all I needed to craft my own storage solution. The steps are so easy, they don't even need words, just pictures:

bathroomPicMonkey Collage2a

Now I have pretty little boxes to contain (some of) my mess!

bathroomPicMonkey Collage5

bathroomPicMonkey Collage4

Using boxes lets me store things vertically and tucks things away so you see more pretty paper and less safety-cone orange. (Side rant: Why do they have to make the severe acne treatment stuff such a bright color? Who wants to draw attention to this?)



You may notice some other bathroom beautification but that's still a work in progress so stay tuned!