A Little DIY: Hand Painted Geometric Wall Pattern

216a I like to keep things simple. This happens to overlap a lot with keeping things lazy. But simple sounds better so we'll stick with that =)

I knew I wanted to add some personality to my bathroom wall and I already had a can of gray paint, but I didn't want to get out a tray and roller and painter's tape and all that. So I got a little creative. Find out what I did with a piece of cardboard, some paint and a single brush after the jump!

DIY Geometric Wall

Isn't it fun?  All I did was hold a triangle of cardbord to the wall, outline it with a craft brush dipped in paint, then fill the triangle in. I made sure to use a high quality craft brush with dense bristles that gave me a lot of control so I could get reasonably neat lines and corners. A flimsy brush will drive you crazy trying to get straight lines.

Triangle Collage2

First, I laid down a grid of larger dark gray triangles, using a level and ruler to make sure everything was lined up and straight.

DIY Triangle Wall

Then I added random smaller triangles in a lighter shade of gray. I didn't bother with ruler or level for the smaller triangles - just scattered them around for a playful dimensional effect.


The end result is a bit imperfect, but that's the idea. I like that it's a little kooky and off the wall.  I may get tired of looking at it in a few months, but for now, I'm quite pleased with the result.