Yum: Quick n' Easy Toaster Oven S'mores

Smores collage

I discovered toasted marshmallows fairly late in life. Another one of those all-American things my Korean parents had no idea about. Serving raw crab to their five year old? Yes. Burning marshmallows? Uh... why?

But once I had a taste of a perfectly browned, crispy caramelly outside, meltingly sticky inside toasted marshmallow, there was no going back. If toasted marshmallow is anywhere on a dessert menu, I'm getting that dessert.

My love of toasted marshmallows is so great that I've even attempted to toast them over a gas burner on my stove and it kinda worked but it was also a little tough and gas-y flavored which was no good.

Thankfully I now have access to a toaster oven and making toasted marshmallow s'mores in there is so easy and fast it's dangerous.


I used mini marshmallows and jumbo semi-sweet chocolate chips because that's what I had on hand. But it ended up working really well. The big chips create a structural base to keep the mini marshmallows from rolling around. And the layer of mini marshmallows browned more evenly than one big marshmallow would have.

117 118

I moved the toaster oven rack to the highest position and set it to broil. The marshmallows browned so quickly that you really have to sit and watch them so they don't burn. It will depend on your toaster oven but my crappy little one only took three minutes or so.

128 127

Pop on the top graham cracker and just like that, you have a sweet and satisfying dessert.


And they're so easy to make, you might just find yourself repeating the process.... a couple times. It's okay - a little s'more never hurt anyone ;)

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