A Little DIY: Cheap and Renter-Friendly Bathroom Makeover

Time for the final reveal of my bathroom mini makeover! I say mini because I didn't make any drastic changes like wallpaper or new fixtures. But I was able to inject a lot of personality and fun into what was once a chaotic, bland mess. And I did it using almost no money and no permanent damage to the walls! Just to remind us of the before:Bathroom Before Collage

And the after!


And since lists are all the rage these days, here are six tips and tricks for cheap, renter-friendly decorating:

1) Add impact with a hand-painted accent wall - All you need is a little bit of paint and a craft brush and you don't even have to tape off of your walls. It's so easy you can do this in stages, painting a few triangles whenever you get a few moments. See the how to here!002


2) Paint a canvas for a inexpensive, large artwork - Inexpensive canvas, acryllic paint and craft brushes were all I needed to create this cute piece of art. Pre-stretched canvas comes in so many sizes that you can create something that fits perfectly in your space. Also, it's light so all you need are a couple of 3M Command strips for removable, damage-free hanging. (BTW, Mr. Narwhal is supposed to be wearing a shower cap but some of my friends say it looks like a blonde toupee. Whatever floats your boat =) 001rr


3) Attach art directly to a builder mirror - One entire wall of my bathroom is covered with a basic builder's mirror. It's really useful but also a little boring. But, using washi tape and frames attached with 3M Command strips, I was able to add some interest that is completely removable. I used thrift store frames painted yellow, but you could also use regular picture frames as long as they're fairly light. I've had these attached for a month now and they haven't fallen down yet, so as long as your bathroom isn't steamed up for hours at a time, you should be good. 08c012 (2)


4) Make your storage pretty - I added some much-needed organization with these DIY containers which are made out of a cardboard box and an old tin covered in pretty paper. 0046



5) Use washi tape to dress up and coordinate - All the containers in my bathroom are mismatched, but I was able to tie them together by applying coordinating washi tape. It's an easy, cheap and non-permanent way to dress up what you have!  179050

6) Use kitchen towels in your bathroom - Think outside the box! I loved the color and print on this dish towel I found at Target so why not use it in my bathroom? It makes me smile every time I see it because it says onion which is just ridiculous. 155c007 (2)

I love how fun it is! And because everything's removable, I can always change things up if I get bored. But for now, it's a pretty happy place =)