A Little DIY: Paper And Washi Tape Mousepad

023a This is what happens when I ask my mom for a mousepad. I have no idea what Korean beauty product this is advertising and the girl's cute and all, but it's not exactly something I want to see every time I use my computer. So I turned to some easy materials to spruce it up!

Mousepad by FuzzyCloudDesigns

Here are are my easy-peasy supplies:

  • A scrap of leftover decorative paper (thick, textured paper will glue down more smoothly)
  • Washi tape
  • Mod podge
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


And here are my easy-peasy steps:

1) With a sharp or mechanical pencil, trace as close as possible around the mousepad onto the back of the paper.044

2) Cut out your paper carefully. If you cut a tiny bit along the inside of the traced line, it should fit almost exactly on top of the mousepad.046

3) Spread your paper with a thin layer of mod podge and glue onto the front of the mousepad, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.061

4) Add washi tape in whatever color or pattern you'd like.053

5) Flip the mousepad over and trim the excess washi tape, around the edges of the mousepad.065

And you're done!



I've been using it for a few hours now and the mouse works perfectly. It even coordinates with this art I have temporarily leaning on my desk.


It's pretty =) But it sure does make my cheapo mouse look bad. Maybe it's time to go Mac so I can I have a sleek white computer setup like every other blogger/designer seems to have...




Tile Inspiration at the Getty Villa

Sigh... what a magical place Getty Villa 6-1-2014iPhone 191a

Last weekend, I finally visited the stunning Getty Villa in Malibu and basically stopped and gawked every time I turned a corner. The thoughtful layout reveals different angles and views as you wander in and out of the rooms, courtyards and gardens. There are exquisite details throughout - molding, columns, carved ceilings, fixtures and the tile! Oh, the tile! Me and my toes couldn't get enough.

Tile Collage Tile Collage2Tile Collage3Tile Collage4

My ever-patient boyfriend stopped and waited as I photographed every different tile pattern I came across but I'm sure I still missed some. I love that they took the time and effort to install a different intricate pattern in every room.

If, by some miracle, I become a gozillionaire, this is how I would spend my piles of excess money. The Getty Villa is a beautiful, free art space that will inspire and brighten for so many people over so many years. I feel lucky to have it in my backyard - if you're in LA, you should definitely check it out!

A Little DIY: Cheap and Renter-Friendly Bathroom Makeover

Time for the final reveal of my bathroom mini makeover! I say mini because I didn't make any drastic changes like wallpaper or new fixtures. But I was able to inject a lot of personality and fun into what was once a chaotic, bland mess. And I did it using almost no money and no permanent damage to the walls! Just to remind us of the before:Bathroom Before Collage

And the after!


And since lists are all the rage these days, here are six tips and tricks for cheap, renter-friendly decorating:

1) Add impact with a hand-painted accent wall - All you need is a little bit of paint and a craft brush and you don't even have to tape off of your walls. It's so easy you can do this in stages, painting a few triangles whenever you get a few moments. See the how to here!002


2) Paint a canvas for a inexpensive, large artwork - Inexpensive canvas, acryllic paint and craft brushes were all I needed to create this cute piece of art. Pre-stretched canvas comes in so many sizes that you can create something that fits perfectly in your space. Also, it's light so all you need are a couple of 3M Command strips for removable, damage-free hanging. (BTW, Mr. Narwhal is supposed to be wearing a shower cap but some of my friends say it looks like a blonde toupee. Whatever floats your boat =) 001rr


3) Attach art directly to a builder mirror - One entire wall of my bathroom is covered with a basic builder's mirror. It's really useful but also a little boring. But, using washi tape and frames attached with 3M Command strips, I was able to add some interest that is completely removable. I used thrift store frames painted yellow, but you could also use regular picture frames as long as they're fairly light. I've had these attached for a month now and they haven't fallen down yet, so as long as your bathroom isn't steamed up for hours at a time, you should be good. 08c012 (2)


4) Make your storage pretty - I added some much-needed organization with these DIY containers which are made out of a cardboard box and an old tin covered in pretty paper. 0046



5) Use washi tape to dress up and coordinate - All the containers in my bathroom are mismatched, but I was able to tie them together by applying coordinating washi tape. It's an easy, cheap and non-permanent way to dress up what you have!  179050

6) Use kitchen towels in your bathroom - Think outside the box! I loved the color and print on this dish towel I found at Target so why not use it in my bathroom? It makes me smile every time I see it because it says onion which is just ridiculous. 155c007 (2)

I love how fun it is! And because everything's removable, I can always change things up if I get bored. But for now, it's a pretty happy place =)





A Little DIY: Hand Painted Geometric Wall Pattern

216a I like to keep things simple. This happens to overlap a lot with keeping things lazy. But simple sounds better so we'll stick with that =)

I knew I wanted to add some personality to my bathroom wall and I already had a can of gray paint, but I didn't want to get out a tray and roller and painter's tape and all that. So I got a little creative. Find out what I did with a piece of cardboard, some paint and a single brush after the jump!

DIY Geometric Wall

Isn't it fun?  All I did was hold a triangle of cardbord to the wall, outline it with a craft brush dipped in paint, then fill the triangle in. I made sure to use a high quality craft brush with dense bristles that gave me a lot of control so I could get reasonably neat lines and corners. A flimsy brush will drive you crazy trying to get straight lines.

Triangle Collage2

First, I laid down a grid of larger dark gray triangles, using a level and ruler to make sure everything was lined up and straight.

DIY Triangle Wall

Then I added random smaller triangles in a lighter shade of gray. I didn't bother with ruler or level for the smaller triangles - just scattered them around for a playful dimensional effect.


The end result is a bit imperfect, but that's the idea. I like that it's a little kooky and off the wall.  I may get tired of looking at it in a few months, but for now, I'm quite pleased with the result.

A Little DIY: A Clever Use for Flea Market Picture Frames

iPhone 023a When I lived in New York, I loved going to the Brooklyn Flea Market and spending the afternoon browsing and eating freshly-made pupusas and treating myself to dessert at the food trucks. On one trip, I spotted these carved oval frames and knew that a little paint would take them from old fashioned to happy chic. See what I did with them after the jump!

iPhone 024

Since they were so dark, I started with a layer of Zinsser Cover Stain - a hardcore oil-based primer that really prevents bleed-through.

iPhone 027

Then I followed with 3 light coats of Rustoleum Ultra Cover spray paint in the "Gloss" finish. The color? A happy, bright Sun Yellow =)

iPhone 037

These guys traveled 3,000 miles with me when I moved from New York to Los Angeles.  And I've found them to a really versatile decorating element - below are just three ways I've used them so far.

One - In my first Los Angeles apartment, I hung them in a cluster and the bright color and overlapping layers made for really visually interesting wall decor.iPhone 052


Two - In my current bathroom, I attached them to the basic builder's mirror using Command 3M Velcro Strips. The vertical display draws the eye up in a visually cohesive way and makes the tiny room look larger.  08c


Three - Probably my favorite use: as a towel holder above the sink! I just used a small picture hook and gray yarn to hang the frame. So much more unique than a plain towel ring or bar.155c 012

As you can see, I've been having fun injecting some personality into my bathroom. A full reveal post is coming soon, I promise =)


A little DIY: Upcycled Boxes Rescue My Bathroom

I had a problem on my hands:bathroomPicMonkey CollageSomewhere between turning thirty and pesky adult acne creeping back into my life (WHY???), my beauty products have steadily multiplied and sprawled into a disorganized chaos over the surfaces in and around my bathroom. I live in a pretty small space, so I don't have extra drawers in which to tuck these things away. And, like I've mentioned before, I'm a lazy practical girl so I want the things I use daily to be within easy reach.

See my chic solution, made mostly out of trash, after the jump! 


Hooray for hoarding saving used containers! An old coconut water box (the BEST-tasting brand, by the way), an empty cocoa tin and some pretty paper were all I needed to craft my own storage solution. The steps are so easy, they don't even need words, just pictures:

bathroomPicMonkey Collage2a

Now I have pretty little boxes to contain (some of) my mess!

bathroomPicMonkey Collage5

bathroomPicMonkey Collage4

Using boxes lets me store things vertically and tucks things away so you see more pretty paper and less safety-cone orange. (Side rant: Why do they have to make the severe acne treatment stuff such a bright color? Who wants to draw attention to this?)



You may notice some other bathroom beautification but that's still a work in progress so stay tuned!