Tile Inspiration at the Getty Villa

Sigh... what a magical place Getty Villa 6-1-2014iPhone 191a

Last weekend, I finally visited the stunning Getty Villa in Malibu and basically stopped and gawked every time I turned a corner. The thoughtful layout reveals different angles and views as you wander in and out of the rooms, courtyards and gardens. There are exquisite details throughout - molding, columns, carved ceilings, fixtures and the tile! Oh, the tile! Me and my toes couldn't get enough.

Tile Collage Tile Collage2Tile Collage3Tile Collage4

My ever-patient boyfriend stopped and waited as I photographed every different tile pattern I came across but I'm sure I still missed some. I love that they took the time and effort to install a different intricate pattern in every room.

If, by some miracle, I become a gozillionaire, this is how I would spend my piles of excess money. The Getty Villa is a beautiful, free art space that will inspire and brighten for so many people over so many years. I feel lucky to have it in my backyard - if you're in LA, you should definitely check it out!

#100HappyDays - Week Eight

Here's Week Eight of my #100HappyDays challenge! This week, I indulged in some of my favorite comforts and saw inspiring design while out and about.  (If you’re curious, here are Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6 and Week 7).

<<May 20, Tues – My ultimate comfort food: Korean spicy, crunchy, sizzling stone pot rice>>Week 8 1

<<May 21, Wed – Playing Secret of Mana on an SNES emulator and watching Center Stage>>Week 8 2

<<May 22, Thurs – A 2 hour lunch with an old friend capped with the cutest coconut cake>>Week 8 3

<<May 23, Fri – Treating myself to a soothing, meltingly relaxing Thai massage>>Week 8 4

<<May 24, Sat – A bold and playful upholstered built-in bench nook with delicate mobiles>>Week 8 5

<<May 25, Sun – Large scale text installation at the beautiful (and free!) Hammer Museum>>Week 8 6

<<May 26, Mon – A refreshing take on the mounted animal head trend: a 3D printed deer on black canvases with gold washi tape at a super stylish friend's home>>Week 8 7

DIY Inspiration: Embellished Military Jacket

I've been searching for a dark green military-style jacket for months but could never find one that was the right color and length for my shorty self. So I was psyched when I spotted this one at a thrift store for $10!! Trust me, I clutched this baby tight all the way to the register out of an irrational fear that someone would snatch it out of my hands. 006

It's got really cute details but I thought it could use a little something to break up all the green and give it a little personality.  So I jumped on the internet for inspiration and came across some interesting options.

~I could sew on jewels like this one via Lovelyish:


~Or do something with fabric paint like this tongue-in-cheek take from The Casual Free Style:


~Or add pins for a no-sew option a la Silver:


~Or sprinkle on some studs like this one via toriasays:

In the end, I decided to take a more subtle route so my jacket will weather the ever-shifting storm of trends and look good season after season. I'm still working on it but really like where it's heading! And I'm using a slightly unconventional material. Check back next week to see how it turns out =)

Not Your Grandma's Knits: Johan Ku

More inspiring modern knits, this time by Johan Ku, a designer born in Taipei who started as a graphic designer and is now known for his sculptural, extreme chunky knits. The first photo is from his "Wearable Art" runway collection and is more conceptual than wearable, but the two cowls and mitts from his accessories collection are SO up my alley. 41




Not Your Grandma's Knits: Sandra Backlund

Now don't get me wrong, my grandma taught me how to knit when I was nine and she was awesome. I just wanted to use this series to explore modern knits with a little more edge, to challenge the notion that all hand-knit things look like this: Knitted nightgown 1936

And, holy cow, I'm starting off with a doozy: Swedish fashion designer Sandra Backlund who uses knits in the most astonishing and sculptural ways. Wearable for the average human being? Maybe not. But breathtakingly inspiring? Hell yes.


Do What You Love?

Blog Pics 021 These four little words puzzle me. I realize that "Do What You Love" is not a choice that everyone has. Does my pursuit of a selfishly idealized life come at the expense of others somehow? Am I just being a spoiled American brat? My parents moved to a country where they knew no one and gave up their dreams to make sure I got an education and would never know poverty. And I quit my secure well-paying corporate law firm gig to "find myself"?

I'm still struggling with those questions. But I do know that, uncomfortable though it may be, I want to take a hard look at my life and myself. Because a happy me doing what I love has got to be better for the universe than a sad, depressed me. Or, more likely, the universe doesn't give a damn and in that case, my puny struggles are moot =)

So for now, I'll settle for this:

Blog Pics 017

BTW: You can buy this little 5x7 original watercolor with hand-drawn calligraphy at my Etsy shop for just $10!

ETSY Watercolors 001