Do What You Love?

Blog Pics 021 These four little words puzzle me. I realize that "Do What You Love" is not a choice that everyone has. Does my pursuit of a selfishly idealized life come at the expense of others somehow? Am I just being a spoiled American brat? My parents moved to a country where they knew no one and gave up their dreams to make sure I got an education and would never know poverty. And I quit my secure well-paying corporate law firm gig to "find myself"?

I'm still struggling with those questions. But I do know that, uncomfortable though it may be, I want to take a hard look at my life and myself. Because a happy me doing what I love has got to be better for the universe than a sad, depressed me. Or, more likely, the universe doesn't give a damn and in that case, my puny struggles are moot =)

So for now, I'll settle for this:

Blog Pics 017

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ETSY Watercolors 001